Illustration by Hannah Kirmes-Daly
Never forget,
you are the children
of revolutionary mothers
who carried their insurgencies
ceaselessly on their shoulders,
long before they carried you
in the gentle warmth
of their wombs.
She did not forge you
out of the infernos of her oppression,
out of the summit of her endless
unbroken winter of pain,
she did not forge her back out of iron,
bending the unbendable, that they shattered
into a thousand pieces
of her ceaselessly silenced screams.
She did not survive the camps,
swallow the oceans of being a refugee
so that you can sit and wallow
in your hapless, silenced history
like a comforting winter cloak
shrouded in apathy.
Carry her rebellious revolutionary love
tenderly in your arms,
birth another revolution,
even if it takes another thousand generations of revolutionary mothers
and their rebellious offsprings.
But never forget, You are the children
Of revolutionary mothers.
By Hawzhin Azeez
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