What can Brush&Bow’s Creative Consultancy offer?

Participatory Research: Documenting situations on the ground from a qualitative perspective for media outlets, academic and research institutions,

Visual Research: Finding artistic ways of presenting data-heavy information such as reports or academic work, ensuring that content appealing and accessible to a wide audience.

Training: Trainings to media outlets, research institutions and NGO’s on Brush&Bow’s creative journalistic methodology and approach to participatory research.

What makes Brush&Bow’s method different?

Methodology: Using art and music to build spaces of trust and collaboration over extended periods of time, as a way to initiate conversations, which is both open and inclusive to those whose voices are often left out.

Presentation: Brush&Bow is able to shape qualitative research into clear and meaningful findings, assisting in turning aspects of the research into visual form to support an active and engaging distribution.

Academic Angle: Working closely with academic institutions to find ways of creatively engaging and presenting academic debate to further the understanding of socio/political issues amongst a wider audience.

Participatory Approach: Recognising that the vital parts of experiences which can shift research are often difficult to reveal and take time and the ability to actively listen and provide multiple means of engagement for participants.

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