The Hero’s Room Photography Project – مشروع تصوير غرفة الأبطال

In 2018, two of Brush and Bow’s Director’s, worked with Mishwar, a local NGO, to create the “Heroes Room”photography project with over 40 Syrian children in two camps in north Lebanon. Over three months, we worked with Mishwar to give three months of weekly classes teaching children how to use a camera, exploring ways of framing and creating pictures and discussing representation and portrayal. This gave students new skills and a project to do during the three month school holidays.

At the end of there three months in December 2018, children mounted their favourite photographs to be showcased at a local exhibition held in the main tent of the camp, where it still remains (albeit a little more tattered) a year later. The exhibition was attended by Lebanese and Syrian members of the camp and wider community as well as those who had been invited from throughout Lebanon. Then in April 2019, another round of pictures were printed and a group of 30 children travelled down to Beirut and presented their work to a wider audience.

Below you can see pictures from: 1) The Lessons; 2) Children’s captioned photography and 3) Photos of the exhibition.

We would like to thank all those who donated to the crowdfunding page that meant we were able to do this project!

The Lessons

1. Introduction to Photography

2. Darkness and Light

3. Angles and Direction

4. Perspective and Difference

5. Second round of cameras given out

6. Reflections

7. Optical Illusions

8. Emotions and representation

9. Albums and making of memories

10. Design and Presentation

11. Preparation for the Exhibition

12. Receiving awards at the Exhibition

Children’s photography

For more, see Mishwar’s online exhibition that was made in partnership with FNF from the work of the exhibition and other Mishwar projects. It can be viewed HERE.

Ahmed, 13

Reflection: The reflection is of a caterpillar digger the yellow color of which, I love so much, was nicely reflected on the water surface, so I took the picture.

A house: I took this picture is about a house that I liked much, since I live in a tent but I would love to be in a house, so I took it.

Marwa, 12

I took a picture of my sister because I love her, she was crying because she wanted to follow me out.

I took a picture of my dear friend on the road where behind her a beautiful view of flowers and she was so happy.

Anwar, 13 

Reflection: I put a piece of mirror on the grass and then when the sunset, the image was reflected in the glass.

Shadow: Tel Abbas, the main street, next to Al Qaddour Mosque. My brother and I went we went to the main street close to Al Qaddour mosque where we saw the water, and I asked him to stand before the water where his shadow reflected and the picture was very beautiful.

Ibrahim, 14

Loving Friendship: in Halba at 5.30pm. I took this picture because they were hugging each other.

Sunset: in Tel Abbas camp at 5pm. I took this picture because there are houses, trees, land, clouds and beautiful sky view.

Khaled, 13

Me Next to the Elephant: in Tel Abbas camp. I was walking in the camp with the camera, so I decided to take a picture of me next to the elephant drawn by Mishwar Amal team on the wall of the camp’s rear. I took the picture to remain a memory along with the elephant drawn by teacher Ayman.

Me and Bara’a: in Tell Abbas camp. I took the picture in the first chance I had the camera, I was happy and decided to take it that it may be a so beautiful, and the kid was overjoyed upon seeing the camera for her first time.

Maryam, 14

My Brother: in Tel Abbas camp when Mishwar team was doing the great project in painting the tents. I took this picture of my brother because I love him so much.

My Little Sister: in Tl Abbas camp at midday. I took this picture for my little sister because I love her so much, and behind her is a very nice view full of shiny colors and paintings. And thus, the days continue and life goes on.

Mohammed E., 14

Optical Illusion: at Midday. This is me, I was walking with my friend when I asked him to take a picture of me.

In the Afternoon: my friends were playing so I asked them to take a picture of them what made them so happy.

Hiba, 13

This is Bayan; Nasser’s daughter in Tel Abbas camp. She was sad because I was taking a picture of her sister and not of her.

This is me Hiba in the garden inside the camp of Tel Abbas. I was sitting in the garden; I am beautiful because all her cloths are blue.

Mohammed H. 14

Sunset: In Tel Abbas camp. I took the picture in Tel Abbas camp in winter because there was water in our tent

A Picture of Nature: In the afternoon of a very nice day in Tel Abbas camp. I took the picture because it is an afternoon charming view in a very nice day; I wish to stay with Mishwar Amal team.

Mohammed S. 14

Tel Abbas: This is a picture of trees, road, and cloudy sky reflection on the water

Tel Abbas: This is a picture of a happy kid taking a picture from above and the ground is seen; she is happy because I am taking the picture, and that’s a nice feeling when you bring happiness to the others which is the theme of this picture

Alaa 13

Brother & Sister: in Tell Abbas camp, behind the beautiful garden in the morning of a nice day. These two kids were playing so I took a picture of them.

I Am Sad: behind the garden that we grew in the morning. I was sad, so I asked a friend to take a picture for me. We should not be sad or sad all the time; bright life will meet you in the future. I wish to stay with Mishwar Amal team.

Zahra 15

Reflections: in the morning in the garden of Tel Abbas. I was so happy, because the beginning was so easy and I was nominated then to the big exhibition.

Nature: in the morning in the fields of Tel Abbas camp. I took this because the field is so nice and it fills you with happiness and joy especially in summer

The Exhibition

Tel Abbas (December 2018) and Beirut (April 2019)