Tribute to Solidarity

2022 / Short film directed, shot and produced by Julie Bourdin. Based on interviews taken in 2019 in Lesvos, Greece, the film is an ode to the solidarity showed by the people of the small village of Skala Sikamineas on the Northern coast of the island.

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We the Syrians: A Peace Proposal

2020 / Short animation directed, shot and produced by Brush & Bow in collaboration with the Peace Proposal initiative supported by Operazione Colomba. Showing the result of years of work by Syrian refugee communities in northern Lebanon and all around the world, civilians who do not belong to any political factions and still believe that nonviolence is the only way to end the war in Syria and return to their homes.

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شهيلي – Scirocco: A Case Against Deportations

2017 / David L. Suber, Hannah Kirmes-Daly, Leonard Ermel. Commissioned by the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation North Africa Office in Tunis. Based on the research “Failing readmissions: If sending migrants back won’t work”

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