We the Syrians: A peace proposal

The Film

“We the Syrians: A peace proposal” (2020) is a short animation written, directed and produced by Brush & Bow in collaboration with the Syrian Peace Proposal initiative supported by Operation Dove (Operazione Colomba) in Lebanon and Syria.


Producer: Daud Al Felleen

Script: Operazione Colomba

Directors: Daud Al Felleen & Paprika

Animation and Design: Paprika

Soundscape, sound editing and effects: Marco Månemann

Music: Giorgio Genta

Oud Performance: Laoud

English Voiceover:​ Abdulrhman Bdiwi

Arabic and Italian Voiceover: Qutayba Al Khawli

A Peace Proposal for Syria

“We fled from our homes in Syria because we didn’t want to kill or be killed. We have paid an enormous price for our freedom. We want to live with freedom and dignity, and we want to make a peaceful return to our homeland.”

Access here more information about the Peace Proposal: https://www.operazionecolomba.it/en/wethesyrians

The “We the Syrians” Peace Proposal is the result of years of work by Syrian refugee communities in northern Lebanon and all around the world, civilians who do not belong to any political factions and still believe that nonviolence is the only way to end the war in Syria and return to their homes.

This appeal is for anyone who wishes to be involved in supporting the creation of a just and peaceful future in Syria.

Access the full text of the Peace Proposal below:

DOWNLOAD Peace Proposal in Arabic – عربى

DOWNLOAD Peace Proposal in English

DOWNLOAD Peace Proposal in Russian – русский

DOWNLOAD Peace Proposal in Spanish – español