Film Screenings

Scirocco: A Case Against Deportations


Immagimondo Film Festival (Lecco, ITALY)
14 September – 26 October 2018

Indie and Foreign Film Festival (New York, USA)
Summer 2018

Karama Film Festival (Amman, JORDAN)
6 December 2018

Monstra 18th Lisboa Animation Festival (Lisbon, PORTUGAL)
20-30 March 2019

Athens International Film and Video Festival (Athens, USA)
8-14 April 2019

Censurados Film Festival (Lima, PERU)
26 May 2019

London Migration Film Festival (London, UK)
28 November – 4 December 2019


Life in Transit: Munich, Germany – 2017

RISE Refugee Exhibition and Music Night: Bristol, UK – January/March 2017. Accessible online HERE

Annual Migration conference: Susses, UK -2017

Being Human Festival: Nowrich, UK -2017

The World Transformed Festival: Liverpool, UK – 2018

Edinburgh Fringe Exhibition: Edinburgh, UK -2018

Calais Jungle: Paris, France -2018

Mishwar’s Children Photo-exhibition: December 2019 – Ongoing – Online exhibition by the Syrian children in Lebanon’s camps. Available online HERE

Grants and Awards

British Arts Council

Creative Storytelling with Roma Communities
Romania, 2016LINK
£ 4,000

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Creative research and animation on return migration
Tunisia & Italy, 2017 – LINK
$ 5,000

Open Society Foundation
Program on Independent Journalism
Lebanon, 2018 – LINK
$ 5,000

LUSH Charity Pot Funding
Workshops on Photography and self-representation
Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, 2018 – LINK

Migration Media Award
Open Migration and European Union
Lebanon, Syria, Germany, 2019 – LINK
$ 5,000

Music Nights and Live Events

RISE: Refugee music night. Bristol, UK – March 2017

Wind That Shakes at Jam in a Jar. Harringay, London Ongoing

Vol. I Rebetiko – January 2019

Cretan Brioche & Peran

Vol. II ‘Son’ Music of Cuba – February 2019


Vol. III Hip Hop – March 2019

Fedzilla & Nabsoura

Vol. IV British Isles and Ireland – April 2019

Root and Branch & Henry Ashworth

Vol. V East Asian Fusion – May 2019

The Sages

Vol. VI Stories of South Asia – June 2019: Amrit Kaur Lohia & Pete Yelding

Vol. VII Music of Mesopotamia – July 2019

Cabbar Boyzie and Band

Vol. VIII Voice from Palestine – September 2019

El Far3i

Vol. IX Roma-inspired ensemble – October 2019

Faith I Branko & Cabbar Boziye

Vol. X Rhythms of West Africa – November 2019

SOAS West African Drumming

Vol XI. The Silk Road – December 2019

SOAS Silk Road Collective

Vol XII. Tzevey Kipperim – February 2020

Accordion and clarinet from Don Kipper

Vol XIII. Senegalese Sound – March 2020

Abdoulaye Samb Minnjiaraby

Workshops and Consultancy

Raseef 22 – You22 Fellowship program

30 March 2019 – Beirut

(in connection with trainees in Amman and Tunis)

Focus: creative methodology, citizen journalism and community engagement