Brush&Bow C.I.C is a platform for creative journalism challenging stereotypes and prejudice; using the arts to explore individual stories within current social issues. As a collective Brush&Bow has members working throughout the world, with a team consisting of artists, writers, journalist, musicians and academics. Our process is two-fold, we work both on producing multimedia journalism, and work together with marginalised communities on longer term projects providing spaces to explore issues collaboratively through music, workshops and exhibitions. Brush&Bow’s approach to journalism incorporates the arts as a central part of the process, and engages with journalistic and academic debate to further the understanding of socio/political issues, thereby aiming to reveal the contrasting and often invisible stories behind the headlines; through this we work towards challenging negative stereotypes and fears.

Projects and Community Engagement

Brush&Bow’s community engagement projects aim to facilitate creative multimedia workshops  with communities at the centre of social and political issues. Our methodology is based on the understanding that news stories often address issues whilst negating the voices of  those who directly experience them. Brush&Bow use the arts to work with communities over an extended period of time, exploring multiple forms of expression and storytelling methods through the arts.


Our methods are based on the intersection between the arts, community engagement, academia and journalism. The workshops we co-create reflect the specific context of the group and environment we work in. We often work in collaboration with established charities, NGO’s and institutions, but equally our methods have developed to suite more informal settings, to initiate interviews and qualitative research around multiple diverse topics. Using music and art as a tool for collaboration and  sound, podcast, video illustrations, photography and writing as a tool to document personal experiences, we aim to create multimedia outcomes which initiate public debate. Our methods are often created around a sense of improvisation, allowing for conditions and collaborations to arise, thereby holding a continuous balance between intent and response. This can take the form of group workshops, one to one illustrated conversations, but more often than not it simply involves sitting around a fire with makeshift musical instruments, a sketch pad  and being open to the stories which may unfold.

If you are interested in working with Brush&Bow please get in touch via brushandbowinfo@gmail.com