Brush & Bow

Brush & Bow is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C). It is a platform for creative journalism challenging mainstream opinions; using illustrations, articles and sound-recordings to explore the individual voices and stories of people within current social issues. As a collective we work both on producing articles, and working together with communities on longer term projects providing spaces to explore issues collaboratively through music, exhibitions, community theatre and workshops. Brush&Bow is interested in revealing the contrasting and subtle stories from beneath the surface; through this we work towards challenging negative stereotypes and fears.

The way we work

As we are often working with vulnerable people, who have experienced war, violence, trauma, or systematic discrimination it is important for us to create spaces of trust, collaboration and joy. Rather than relying on traditional forms of journalism such as photography, which can often feel intrusive and one-sided, we use music and art to create a space beyond words, to build connections between people, slow down the journalistic process and create the potential for new conversations and celebrate the beauty of different cultures. This can take the form of group workshops, one to one illustrated conversations, but more often than not it simply involves sitting around a fire with makeshift musical instruments, a sketch pad  and being open to the stories which may unfold.



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