Illustrated and written by Anne Merlin

Born in the XXI century (2001), Jade Hameister is an extraordinary (aren’t we all?) 17 year old Australian who became the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole, the South Pole and crossing Greenland (because why not). When she isn’t skiing or training, Jade uses her achievements to helps shift the focus for young women from how they appear to the possibilities of what they can do… that is, absolutely anything they set their mind to! To several men commenting « make me a sandwich » on her web interventions, she answered by a photo of her holding a sandwich at the South Pole, with the caption: “I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600 kilometres to the South Pole and you can eat it. » I just love it. And sandwiches.

There are so many incredible kick-ass women in the world, stepping up, speaking out and inspiring others with the work they do. Many who are visible, and many who are not. With this project we want to highlight grassroots female role models. So we want to hear from you! Who are the women in your life who makes you think, ‘yeah thats possible’! Women who have started businesses, projects, are fighting for a cause, are making their voices heard. Send us a photo and a small story celebrating the role model in your life to and we will turn this into an illustrated piece!
This series is in collaboration with Nomadways.