A poem by Parwana Amiri

Parwana Amiri is an author, poet and activist from Afghanistan who is living in Greece since September 2019. Her poetry may seem softly written, but it contains hidden stories and bitter truths. With her work, she challenges the power of art and poetry to convey these bitter truths of the times. She wrote this poem to express her feelings that she cannot share elsewhere, feelings that she has every night, thinking about the days passing and her future in this world, in which she cannot find her dreams. Like many youths and children, Parwana makes her dreams in a world that she wants to live in, a dream world in which borders do not exist.

Illustration by Alexandra Nikolova (Ål Nik).

In the silence of the darkness, watched over by the mom (Sun) and dad (Moon), she creates her realities in poems, depicting a world she craves for. She lies on the Mother earth who is for all of us.

Every night, before sleep

Every night, silently

Every night, lonely

I dress my harsh realities

In dreams

Every night, with my pen

Every night, with my words

I hug my dreams

I review my story

Every night, before sleep

Every night, when all sleep

In my silence, with myself

I build with my words

A new world

In my world, home is for all

in my world, school is a right

In my world, you have peace

In my world, war is banned

In my world, the world is for all

Sun is mom, moon dad

Mother earth is a planet for all


When I close my eyes

In dreams, as in reality,

I live nightmares ……