Parwana Amiri is an author, poet and activist from Afghanistan who is living in Greece since September 2019. Her poetry may seem softly written, but it contains hidden stories and bitter truths.

in this poem she wants the readers to see the world as if they were part of everything that happens in the world. To listen to each one and to judge the decisions. To know that everyone is strong enough to make changes, find alternatives and prevent more people from sinking in the tigris of hardships .

An Illustration by Shukran Shirzad, an Afghani artist living in Greece

This illustration is an real image of how Moria refugee camp in Lesvos looked, and sometimes it is not really necessary to go depth of a scene and see all details of the terrible condition we live in, but it is enough to only understand and realise the tragedies.


Up to down

I see thousand individuals

Who are stuck in a hell

Where demons are rulers

And liberation seekers criminals


Here is the world of wounded

Our injuries are not covered

Our tents are under rains

Our souls are dormant in pains


When the world wants to stop me

And the words want to sustain me

I get support from all those

That have stood behind me


I don’t find depth in loudness

For loudest words are not deepest

I find my world in my words

And my words in my world


When we stand for our rights

You can imagine those nights

We slept hungry under tents

Far away, next to snowy mountains


If you are up and see us down

Put yourself instead of us once

Where we suffer you are able

To stand, to act for evacuation