Illustrated by Joana Marie Neves, written by Kim Goddard.

Sue Moffat – One of the most inspiring women I know has been a friend for close on 40 years. Susan Moffat is director of New Vic Borderlines, which uses theatre to help people find new and positive ways to understand themselves, their communities and their responsibilities. Through her work, she allows ordinary people to place their lives centre-stage and to see their stories understood and validated. Borderlines has enabled individual and community reflection on diverse and problematic subjects : from forced marriages and ‘honour’ killings to the proliferation of foodbanks and food poverty in the UK. Through Borderlines, Susan Moffat has helped create the space for young offenders to engage with their victims through theatre, quite literally saving lives. She inspires creativity from the most unexpected sources, and creates meaningful and transformative theatre.

Fiddler extraordinaire, she brings lightness and joy through her music. She is a witch, a wild woman and a sage. She can read tarot cards and minds too sometimes. She’s got a wicked sense of humour and a brilliant Liverpudlian accent …. truly a perfect being apart from her inability to accept that I’m a better table tennis player than her!

There are so many incredible kick-ass women in the world, stepping up, speaking out and inspiring others with the work they do. Many who are visible, and many who are not. With this project we want to highlight grassroots female role models. So we want to hear from you! Who are the women in your life who makes you think, ‘yeah thats possible’! Women who have started businesses, projects, are fighting for a cause, are making their voices heard. Send us a photo and a small story celebrating the role model in your life to and we will turn this into an illustrated piece!

This series is in collaboration with Nomadways.