Parwana Amiri is an author, poet and activist from Afghanistan who is living in Greece since September 2019. Her poetry may seem softly written, but it contains hidden stories and bitter truths.

Lots of young people are suffering from addiction in the camp where she lives. Their passion gets wasted as they lose their desire to live and stay active in these limited spaces. Some people in the camp are addicted to alcohol, some to games and others to hashish. Drugs are easily to access in the local town.

Parwana witnesses their situation everyday, sinking deeper into addiction. Often, they are looking for a way to hide away and hide from themselves. This poem is Parwana’s expression of what she has witnessed.

Photography by Neda Torabi (Ritsona Camp, Greece)

In my photography, you will find the hidden heart of power of the artist. I reflect the unrecovered photos in a style to show the depth of my pain and reflect the power of self expression.

Keep me drugged

When my pains nail me down

The ropes you tied hold me tight

Nothing is bright, not a single light

Is found in my dismal, scary night

These pains engulf me high

There hasn’t been a light in my night


Inject me, make these pains sleep inside

Let my mind rest on this pillow

Wet with my tears, every night

Let me sleep day and night, without light

Inject more drugs, they kill my pains

Let them run in my veins, quiet me down

Don’t ask me to stay strong, under such pains


Turn off the artificial lights, don’t cheat me

Draw the curtains, the sun harms my eyes

Can’t find hope, neither here, nor there

I searched for it everywhere, but it is hidden


Call me …

Call me damaged, addict, cursed

Don’t you know why it is so?

Call me prisoner, held in a self-constructed cage

Don’t you know why it is so?


Cry for me, pray for me …No!!

Stop mourning, I can still breathe

If you want me back, stand behind me

Give me back my name, my hopes

Those hopes can bring me back to life

Don’t avert your eyes, look at me!

I am that lulled mind in a young body


The ink of your pens smack of our blood

When you sign the contracts, stamping our lives

Look at the blood streaming from your mouths

Admit your repeated promises were but lies

Shout it loud and clear, confess your past crimes


I’m feeling these pains, so deep

In my bones, in my skin, in my soul

The pains that wound my heart–

uncertainty, inequality, injustice,

repression, suppression, humiliation


Your silence overwhelms me

My mind is crowded yet alert, intentional

Against your heartless indifference

I will escape this addiction ………