From 2015 onwards Brush&Bow worked in the Calais refugee camp known as the ‘Jungle’. Through reportage illustrations and sound recordings we documented the situation, from the earliest squats to the creation of the ‘Jungle’ camp, its daily life, and its violent destruction, to the aftermath when people were forced to return to squats in Paris and sleeping rough in the forests around Calais. We wanted to create an audiovisual testimony of the harsh results of EU/UK immigration laws, but also the resilience and strength of people to despite this ,maintain strength and positivity in the temporary city squashed between the borders of France and England. Alongside documentation, Brush&Bow created many impromptu music and art spaces, which led to many rich musical collaborations and stories, and highlighted the importance of journalism that is based in mutual exchange and learning.

Special thanks to Julia Druelle and Louise Philia Druelle for their support and work. Photographs by Julia Druelle