Camille Lapage – a freelance photojournalist, determined to document the unreported stories. At the start of her career, totally broke, she traveled to places that no other reporter would go. She worked in the Nuba mountains, South Sudan and CAR building personal relationships and trust with locals and rebel groups. Her craft was to try and form that one image good enough to get into the international news, to make people care. She was frustrated with “how so many serious stories were missing from the headlines simply because they don’t fit within that agenda, or the advertising company’s interests”. In addition she always wanted to show the human side of things, to form relationships with people, in the places that are forgotten. And through this she kept her cheekiness and her human-ness.

‘And for this she was the bravest person I have ever and I think will ever know.’

‘In the village of Buram, the women and children hide in a mountain cave while the bomber is flying above their village.’

‘The bombers are sent by the Sudanese government across the region on a daily basis.’

‘Nader, 19 year-old rebel who joined the Sudanese People Liberation Army Ð North when he was 18 thinks about the time when his region wasn’t at war. Nader has only know peace for six years in his life, the rest of it was spent at war. Tongoli, South Kordofan, Sudan – November 2012’

Camille was killed in 2014, in the Central African Republic conflict. All photos in this piece are hers.

There are so many incredible kick-ass women in the world, stepping up, speaking out and inspiring others with the work they do. Many who are visible, and many who are not. With this project we want to highlight grassroots female role models. So we want to hear from you! Who are the women in your life who makes you think, ‘yeah thats possible’! Women who have started businesses, projects, are fighting for a cause, are making their voices heard. Send us a photo and a small story celebrating the role model in your life to and we will turn this into an illustrated piece!

This series is in collaboration with Nomadways.