Community Engagement

As part of the Brush&Bow collective we run workshops on creative story-telling, citizen journalism and facilitate music spaces and cultural events with marginalised communities to give a platform for their voices to be heard.

Each of our workshops reflect the community we work with in terms of content and structure. When working in a more formalised setting we provide structured workshops, focusing on the skills of creative journalism, using comic strips, street photography, sound-recordings and music. However we often provide more informal workshops in refugee camps, villages or public spaces, whereby we work in a very flexible way, responding and collaborating with whoever participates, creating spaces of musical celebration, community murals, impromptu art spaces, or platforms to share personal stories.

We have worked independently and with NGO’s and Charities providing workshops and longer term projects with communities. If you are interested in Brush&Bow facilitating workshops in your area, with your community or organisation, please get in touch via