The Wind that Shakes Music Room

The Wind That Shakes is a monthly event in London which celebrates the power of music in times of struggle. With an ethnomusicological spin, each event focuses on a different musical tradition – with the common threads of social justice, resistance and revolution. Every first Thursday of the month at Jam in a Jar, Harringay, London.
The Wind that Shakes Vol IV:
For our fourth event we turn our attention to struggles closer to home with an evening of traditional music from the British Isles and Ireland (and North America). Throughout turbulent histories of occupation, struggles for independence and mass migrations, music has not only been central to the Irish and Scottish identities but has served as a vehicle for telling these stories and histories.
Root & Branch
Henry Ashworth
The Wind that Shakes Vol III:
For our third event, we focused on hip hop. Born out of the Bronx in New York City in the early 70s, hip hop’s accessibility as a platform of expression has seen it evolve into a genre that is wielded globally by activists, revolutionaries and resistance movements as a whole. Thriving hip hop scenes have emerged in Palestine, Egypt, West Africa, France and of course, here in the UK.
The Wind that Shakes Vol II:
Our second event celebrated ‘Son’, the music of Cuba – a country with a rich history of revolutions, struggles and resistance to the status quo. Son music has evolved over time as Cuba has, through experiences of slavery, political upheaval and more recently, the globalisation of music.
The Wind that Shakes Vol I:
For our first event, we focused on Rebetiko; the music of Greek urban working class and soundtrack of the ports and, more recently tavernas and ouzeris.
Cretan Brioche