Radio HAKAYA – حكايا

Brush&Bow are proud to announce the launch of a new podcast series based in Lebanon funded by Lush. Since September 2018 Brush&Bow has been working in Lebanon, producing podcasts on stories of life and displacement amongst Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian communities in Akkar, north Lebanon.

Each recording is made, edited and translated with the help of members from these communities. By focusing on the individual stories of each person, we hope to convey some of the complex reality of life here in Lebanon; people’s memories, experiences and hopes for the future.

All interviews are conducted in Arabic, but an English translation has been provided for none Arabic speakers. All names have been changed to protect the anonymity of participants. The views and opinions published on these podcasts are the participants alone and do not reflect the opinions of Brush&Bow.

Project Managers: David Suber and Roshan de Stone

Interviews and Editing: David Suber and Roshan de Stone

Illustration: Hannah Kirmes-Daly

Translation: Ayman and Bassel

For English translation see: Podcast #1

For English translation see: Podcast #2

Work in Progress