Radio HAKAYA – حكايا

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Brush&Bow are proud to announce the launch of a new community radio based in Lebanon funded by Lush and Open Society.

Listen to the trailer here

Radio HAKAYA – حكايا is an online-radio community project started by Brush&Bow in northern Lebanon. Since September 2018 Brush&Bow has been working with communities in the region of Akkar and beyond, to produce podcasts on stories of life and displacement amongst the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian communities there.

This podcast series is made of 8 episodes, each including an interview reflecting the current socio-political climate faced by Syrians and their host communities, as the pressure rises for refugees to return to Syria. In this series, Radio Hakaya presents a mosaic of testimonies and experiences on the life of different communities in Lebanon. The diversity of characters in the series gives voice to the discordant and contrasting opinions present on the ground, reflecting the complexity of the overall
picture and its multi-layered reality.

The series will be released on the first week of February 2019 on a weekly basis.

All recordings are taken, translated and edited with the help from members of the local community, some of which are integral collaborators of Radio Hakaya’s editorial team.

All podcasts are produced in both Arabic and English.

Publishing Dates:

04.02.2019: Podcast #1 Um Saleh: Life under ISIS

11.02.2019: Podcast #2 Abu Mohammed: From Revolution to War

18.02.2019: Podcast #3 Tony Abbod: The Mayor of Minyara

25.02.2019: Podcast #4 Rayan: Woman in War

04.03.2019: Podcast #5 Majdi: A Palestinian Perspective

11.03.2019: Podcast #6 Hussein: Beyond Sectarianism

18.03.2019: Podcast #7 Labeeba: The Female Shawisha

25.03.2019: Podcast #8 Randa: Exploitation in Lebanon

All names have been changed to protect the anonymity of participants. The views and opinions published on these podcasts are the participants alone and do not reflect the opinions of Brush&Bow.

Editorial Team:

Interviews and Editing: David L. Suber & Roshan De Stone

Sound Editing: Yoseph F. & Banan Abdelrahman

Illustrations: Hannah Kirmes-Daly

Translation: Fadi Haddad & Bassel A.W

English Voices: Yara Asmar & Mike Ayvazian