The Collective

The Collective:
Brush&Bow C.I.C is a collective of creative journalists exploring individual voices within current social issues. All of B&B members engage with B&B on a volunteer basis, contributing to the collective in accordance to their role. B&B works as a non-hierarchical journalistic platform, valuing both active participation and flexibility of engagement from its members. B&B works through an open editorial process, whereby stories and projects are both generated by Creative Editors or pitched by contributors and partners.

Editorial Team:
B&B’s editorial team is made of four Creative Editors, in charge of B&B’s editorial process and of the day to day running of the online platform. The Creative Editors oversee B&B’s projects, and coordinate work with both collaborators and contributors. The Editorial Team is also in charge of the financial budget and of all communication.

B&B’s Trustees are the Collective’s external advisors. They act in a volunteer capacity and advise the Editorial Team on matters of ethics, finance, funding, and help shape B&B’s editorial line.

Project Teams:
Much of B&B’s work is centered around team-work and community engagement. B&B’s projects are run by Project Teams collaborators who work with B&B throughout the whole duration of the projects. Projects are either supported internally through B&B allocated funding, or funded externally by B&B’s partners. The current Project Teams include:

B&B’s contributors are freelance citizen journalists, contributing to the Collective’s editorial production with independently pitched stories. Contributors range from experienced journalists to illustrators, artists and musicians. Contributors are followed by a Creative Editor throughout the creation and production of their story, until featuring publication on B&B and wider international media.

Being registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, B&B makes no profit out of its work. Most of B&B’s yearly budget is made of donations by B&B reader’s community, subscribers to B&B’s newsletter and patrons, donating diverse small amounts to support the work of B&B from the bottom-up.

B&B works and engages with like-minded organisations worldwide through partnerships ranging from project-specific work to long-term collaborations. Amongst our recent partners: Arts Council England; Open Society Foundations; Lush Cosmetics; Rosa Luxembourg Foundation.