Female Role Model Team


This project is about celebrating everyday female role models from around the world. It is a grassroots collaborative project, based on stories submitted by Brush & Bow readers of inspiring women. The Female Role Model Team is made up of illustrators, artists and journalists active in Europe and beyond.

Hannah Kirmes-Daly: Project Manager Female Role Model

Hannah is a reportage illustrator, working with art to document individual stories and collective narratives.  She specialises in using the arts to create spaces for conversations and facilitates people expressing their own stories through illustrations, murals and comic strips. Having studied International Development and South Asian Studies, at SOAS, she focuses on issues concerning migration, gender, development and refugees. http://hkdillustration.Wordpress.com

Anne Merlin: Illustrator and writer

Anne is a nomad designer. She creates and animates workshops for artists, educators & activists since 2008. Born in France, Anne studied art and interaction design at ENSAD in Paris. She lived in Greece, Brazil, Seychelles, Portugal, France and travels all year round, working from anywhere. She is an idea machine. Her curiosity led her to teach in the Himalayas, hitch-hike on boats along the Amazon and camp through the Sahara. That also gave her a chance to collect myriads of stories to share through images and words.

Isabel Couchoud Bataller: Illustrator and Writer

Isabel is a Spanish illustrator and artist based in cloudy London. She graduated from Fine Arts in Teruel and València in 2014 (Spain) and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts Illustration MA in 2017(Uk). Working as a freelance since 2017. Website: http://isabel.couchoud.es/ (where you can see her portfolio)”
Joana Maria Neves: Illustrator
Joana, is an artist and activist from Lisbon, Portugal. She studied arts and multimedia, but soon became interested in non formal education and started to dedicate her time to expressing her ideas and values through her art and writing. She has a wicked sense of humour and a soul-singers voice.
Frances Murphy: Illustrator
Frances Murphy has been working as a freelance illustrator since graduating from the Falmouth Illustration course in 2013. She has been fortunate enough to illustrate many wide ranging topics from climate change and migration, Indigenous culture, interior design and food illustration.
Julie Saumagne: Illustrator and Writer
Julie is a social issues advocate, artist, cartoonist and graphic designer. She feels strongly about the potential of artistic practices in affirming the urgency of progressive politics and offers her creative point of view to political campaigns.  She studies Politics, International Studies and Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick. Follow her work @JS.Moustique.
Roshan De Stone: Brush&Bow Creative Editor
Roshan works as a journalist and illustrator with Brush&Bow.  For the last 6 years, Roshan has worked with asylum seekers and refugees; both in a legal capacity, and through the arts, creating spaces of cultural celebration with music nights, capoeira classes, and art and mural workshops Her studies at SOAS focused on the MENA region, before she did a masters in Human Rights Law.  She currently lives in Lebanon working on Radio HAKAYA.