B&B’s contributors are freelance citizen journalists, contributing to B&B’s editorial production with independently pitched stories. Contributors range from experienced journalists to illustrators, artists and musicians. Contributors are followed by a Creative Editor throughout the production of their story, until publication on B&B and wider international media.

Priyanka Raval

Priyanka Raval is a freelance journalist, budding illustrator and videographer. Having specialised in development, human rights and global governance during her post-grad studies in London, Priyanka now uses her journalism to tell the human stories that lie behind political contexts. She has lived and travelled through India, finding herself odd jobs as a mural painter, before becoming a writer for India Today in Mumbai. Most recently, Priyanka was a correspondent at the Daily Star in Lebanon reporting on the local and MENA region stories.

Matteo Trevisan

Matteo is a Rome-based freelance photojournalist and contributor for Zuma Press Agency. Since graduating from the Institute of Photography in Rome, Matteo’s work focuses on social issues, particularly related to refugees and migrants. His most recent project took him to Bosnia where he followed the new Balkan route. His investigative reportage exposing EU border police brutality was recently published in Vice. Matteo’s pictures has been published in Vouge, Tuoi, Giornalettismo, Ansa, Pantografo,, Inforadio, Trieste all news, Taloussanomat. His full work can be viewed here: