We are always looking for new, innovative and creative ideas at Brush&Bow. If you are interested in contributing, please take a quick read through our guidelines before submitting your pitch in the submission form below.

What are we looking for?

At Brush&Bow we are always on the look out for journalists, illustrators, musicians, animators, photographers, and those who can bring a creative edge to their reporting. To make sure your idea is in line with Brush&Bow’s methodology, its important that you can answer YES to the three following questions:

  • Does the pitch look at a wider social issue through individual stories?
  • Does the pitch have a creative angle?
  • Does the pitch provide a platform for marginalised voices, challenging mainstream dominate narratives?

Our methods are based on the intersection between the arts, community engagement, academia and journalism

How to submit a pitch?

  • Be clear, structured and precise. Make sure that your pitch is easy to understand. Tell us the story, why its important, who are the characters, when and where does it take place, and what makes it worth telling.
  • Include detailed information on the format. What mediums will you use? How will you present them? We are open to hearing the wildest of ideas and we collaborate with a collection of skilled artists, musicians, technicians and editors willing to lend their talent to an idea if it inspires them. But it is important you tell us WHY you think a specific format will work in relation to the content of your pitch.
  • Who cares? Think carefully about your story. Why is it important? What impact might it have? What type of audience are you looking for and how does your style and angle draw in the reader.
  • Why me? Explain to us why you are best placed to tell this story.


If you are interested in pitching a piece to Brush&Bow, please fill in the submission form below. We will consider your pitch at our editorial meetings which are held at the end of every month.

If your pitch is considered and you publish with Brush&Bow, you will automatically become a contributor. For more details, please download the Contributors Agreement by clicking on the link.