Zehra Doğan – Painting Atrocities

Illustrated by Hannah Kirmes-Daly

Zehra Doğan is a Kurdish journalist and artist from Amed, Turkey. She was editor of JINHA, a feminist news agency, until she was jailed for depicting the destruction of Kurdish city Nusaybin by Turkish security forces in one of her painting, which was deemed an act of terrorism by the Turkish state. Following her sentence, Zehra Doğan wrote on twitter, ‘’I was given two years and 10 months [jail time] only because I painted Turkish flags on destroyed buildings. However, they [Turkish government] caused this. I only painted it.”

In November 2017, Chinese dissident artist Ai WeiWei published a letter he wrote in solidarity with Doğan’s case, drawing parallels between Chinese and Turkish repression of artistic expression. On 16 March 2018, England-based graffiti artist, Banksy unveiled a mural in New York showing black tally marks for the days of Doğan’s imprisonment, with one set becoming bars behind which Doğan’s face looks out from jail.

Zehra Doğan | Les yeux grands ouverts • Eyes Wide Open • Gözle…

Zehra Doğan | Les yeux grands ouverts • Eyes Wide Open • Gözler Dört Açık Journaliste et artiste, incarcérée en Turquie depuis juin 2017Journalist and artist, imprisoned in Turkey since June 2017MusicRuşan FiliztekKoçer • NomadeMerci à Rusan Filiztek pour sa solidarité…Thanks to Ruşan Filiztek for his solidarity…Dayanışmaları Ruşan Filiztek'e teşekkürler…Le livre consacré à Zehra Doğan est disponible sur Kedistan : http://www.kedistan.net/2017/09/09/livre-zehra-dogan-disponible-kedistan/Campagne de solidarité pour une exposition des œuvres de Zehra DoğanSupport campaign for an exhibition of Zehra Doğan's workshttps://goo.gl/omJK1jWebsite : zehradogan.netFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/freezehradogan/Twitter : @zehradoganjinha https://twitter.com/zehradoganjinha Dossier spécial Zehra Doğan : http://www.kedistan.net/category/eclairages/dossier-special-zehra-dogan/2017 ©Zehra Doğan All rights reserved, free to share from this source. Downloading and modification unauthorized. For any questions please contact freezehradogan@kedistan.netTout droits réservés. Libre de partage depuis cette source. Téléchargement et modification non autorisés. Pour toute autre question contactez s'il vous plait freezehradogan@kedistan.net

Posted by Zehra Doğan on Monday, 16 October 2017

Written by Hande Karahan

Illustrated by Hannah Kirmes-Daly

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