The Brush&Bow Collective

Brush&Bow C.I.C is a platform for creative journalism, working with communities and citizen journalists to challenge stereotypes and investigate the underlying narratives within socio/political issues. We are a creative journalism collective with a team consisting of artists, writers, journalist, musicians, researchers and creatives working around the world, using the arts to explore stories of social impact.

Our Methodology

At Brush&Bow we give central importance to exploring new and creative formats of journalism, believing that impactful stories and well delivered information are born in spaces of trust, creativity and collaboration. Our methods are based on the intersection between community engagement and systematic in-depth research, incorporating the arts as the central pillar of the of delivering and production of stories, engaging with issues at the heart of public debate whilst supporting the emergence of invisible stories behind the headlines.

Slow Journalism: We work with marginalised communities on long-term projects, recognizing the importance and need for adequate space and time when exploring issues collaboratively through music and art. We organize workshops and moments of sharing and gathering as catalysts for moments when stories and personal narratives are shared.

Creative Journalism: We believe in the use of the arts as tools to aid the production of more engaging formats of information, experimenting with sound recordings, podcasts, video, drawn illustrations and photography as tools to document personal experiences, creating multimedia outcomes to better engage audiences.

Collaborative Journalism: Many of our members work in collaboration with established charities, NGO’s and institutions, but equally our methods have developed to suite more informal settings, facilitating qualitative research and information production on the most diverse topics. We value leaving space to improvisation, allowing for collaborations to arise by holding a continuous balance between intent and response.

Our Work:

Community Engagement Workshops: We have facilitated community-based workshops in various counties, spanning from organising radio and podcast workshops, music events and performance events, working with children and adults on illustration, mural painting, photography, story-telling and self-representation.

Supporting Citizen Journalists: We work with citizen journalists based on the frontline of events around the world, providing mentoring skills-building and the collective’s support to get their articles published on mainstream traditional media outlets, and raise awareness about important issues through the direct voices of local journalists.

Projects under commission: We provide a service of creative consultancy to organisations, foundations and institutions wanting to produce creative content raising awareness on social impact issues to the general public. Read more on our Creative Consultancy page.

If you are interested in working with Brush&Bow please get in touch via brushandbowinfo@gmail.com